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tv   Today  NBC  March 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaz everybody, welcome to fun daymonday, march the 7th, 2016. jenna bush hager is filling in for kathie lee. this song is "no words" which is by eric hassel. you had a good weekend? >> you had a better oing to talk hollywood gossip this weekend, including why madonna got emotional on
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a lot of people know t custody battle going on so we're going to talk about that a little bit. >> if you can't have the body you want, love the body you're 's like a mantra for me. how to choose the right styles. >> and if your spring cleaning to do list is a mile long, we've cleaning products to get the job done. >> hoda can't wait. >> i was counting the minutes. so what did you do this weekend? >> i did i was in denver on friday for work and i flew in on saturday and when i got home i immediately was like -- >> blobbed out. >> did you use that word? >> blobbed out. >> i actually did blob out. my sister came over last night. >> what? >> and then we had -- she's like, this is gluten free carrot cake. sugar. >> it has everything in the word.
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and barbara was like, i have the winner. >> this is mila. a ritual which is a dance party. mila had a neon necklace >> cute. >> we dance to "frozen." because mila is the play ets to pick? like? >> not much. she likes milk. she likes formula. she likes staring at and beginning giggling. >> so cute. >> if you have never had a family dance party. >> a funky dance party. >> a family/funky dance ave to do it. it instantly lifts your mood. >> that's actually a great thing. one of the things when my nieces come to see me, when theor doors open in the building, if nobody's in there, we have what we call an fdp, funky dance party in the
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when the elevator doors there's somebody in there, they're all like, oh. the person in there is like, hello, thanks a hat the most fun? >> it's the best. >> those types of memories. they'll have forever. >> you're right. i just want to show you, i wentome friends and had a great time. i want to show you one picture. this does not look real. that's a it was pink and a round ball. look how i got the bird. i seriously stopped and said, this does not look real to me. >> you are a t was nice. >> i was flying back on sunday and i was watching -- i was on jetblue, all the tvs were on, that's when the news broke about passing away at 94. for a lot of people -- for a younger generation, she's probably the first first lady they really remember. she was first lady from 1989.
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on the plane, you just kept watching them go over and over and over. she was obviously influential with policy and with her husband in so many love story between those two, i was getting teary-eyed watching it. because, like, they would write they had notes that wound up in books and -- >> they're love letters. >> one of them said something like he was writing to her and he writes, room, i miss you. you know how when you lose someone you care about, everyone always says the same thing, it get easier. i was watching her. getting interviewed by i think larry king or somebody and she said, you know how they always say it gets easier? she said, it doesn't get said, i loved him that much. it's harder every day. i was imagining her while she was going through alzheimer's and to have him here but n but anyway, they had a beautiful, beautiful love story. >> i think in so many ways people can learn from their
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marriage. the respect they had for each other. the respect he had for her. >> yes. >> i got to meet them a little as little. i remember -- i'll never forget it, that's a picture of us in the oval office. >> look at you two. >> and, you know, he was -- he worked so closely with mygrandfather and i remember, i remember meeting her and i said -- i have a distinct memory of you meeting her at the eastern i was little and barbara and i were not that well behaved. she seemed like a first lady. >> she did. >> don't you think? >> had an air about her that was first lady-like and in all the best ways, so i think she'll be missed. you can just see the number of tributes and the number of people she impacted and how just a wonderful first lady but as, you know, a loving wife, a fashion icon. >> she did so much for the white
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she left a lasting impact but the legacy, like you said, that she'll leave is that -- >> the love affair. it was really -- i've never seen a couple who had long as they had who looked at each other the way they did and you hardly saw a picture of them where they weren't touching or looking at each other. no matter single picture. >> by the way, that's something >> absolutely. marriage. >> absolutely. >> so, it's --o sad. >> i'm a little bit bummed about >> yes. >> peyton manning is going to announce his retirement today we've heard from manyad an 18-year career. he's a new orleans boy. >> yes, love him. >> so drew brees or peyton manning, if you had to is a terrible -- >> oh, on an island? >> stranded on an island. >> you know what? i don't a toss-up. today's peyton's day.
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upstanding incredible guys who you would want your daughter to marry or your son to they're that kind of guy. peyton -- i didn't realize he liked our show. >> what? >> first of all, i'm like, what's a huge cool doing watching this show. >> no, he doesn't. >> it came out -- yeah, they were talking about while he was recovering from surgery and he was kind of trapped -- i guessn't really. i guess he didn't have a choice. he said he watched us for 35 days in a row. >> straight? >> just listen because this is from his lips. >> i did all 35 days. watched hoda and kathie lee. i did all 35 days. for an hour treatment. watched hoda and kathie lee.ore time. why did we cut it? just continue. >> you want it over and over again? >> -- watched hoda and >> that's my ring tone. >> can we make that your ring tone and/or your alarm clock? >> there's so many great
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later today. if you want to see a beautiful picture about the duke and duchess of cambridge, they had their first ski bought george and the baby -- >> oh, my gosh. >> is this for real? >> what shocks me. i mean, the kids are obviously what shocks me even more. >> look at her. >> yeah, her. what mom has hair that looks that fab? >> look at that. >> when they're holdingbabes. she looks so good. >> why is everyone happy? like usually one is not so happy. >> a ski trip. one babyrse he's laughing. where are they? they're in the french alps. secret location. obviously. >> this is the first time william and kate have hit the having kids. which by the way henry and i have yet to go skiing. >> look at them in love too. i mean, you can't have you know what's funny? we were at the pool and we saw this really handsome guy and we were you for confirming.
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said it incorrectly. >> okay, we were ogling this guy and this somehow gross it him and he was with his wife and she was gorgeous and they had a baby. he's making her laugh and the baby's bouncing and my friende and goes, he's got to be stupid. because no one gets everything. so he's definitely -- >> i'm sure his wifeat ogling. >> we couldn't help it. she understood. >> oogling. >> she understood. imagine this, imagine your childl with beyonce's daughter blue ivy and imagine you're at a fund-raiser. >> right. >> at school which is what people do. and all a sudden it's t beyonce to get up on stage and start singing a whitney houston song and that's what happened at the school. so take a look.
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can't mila go to blue ivy's school? >> seriously. doesn't this make moms across the country feel inadequate or just e i'm right in the middle of trying to find auction items for mila's school's auction. i'm like, henry what about that diner down street, you do a free breakfast? >> just take a "today" show mug, those are hot. people like those. >> maybe they could come behind the scenes. >> yeah, do a behind the ould have lunch with hoda kotb. >> and you! >> you're like, and no. >> yes, indeed, i'd love to. talk about our lotterywo brothers stopped on their way home from the beach to buy power ball tickets. they both won. >> that's the good news. >> but the bad news is one won 91. >> no, $291 million. >> million dollars! >> so he chose the lump sum.
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>> bob won 7 and james won $290 million. >> can you imagine? >> i bet it always that family. that brother, bob always -- >> i would say bob is me and james is barbara. >> well, james is a judge from m, pennsylvania. >> and he was on vacation in the keys when he stopped to get a bag of ice and lottery tickets. >> james says he's going back to florida to celebrate. >> here's the question, iso share with poor bob? >> james has got to share with bob. >> if james doesn't share with bob, we feel sorry for bob. >> we do. >> we already feel sorry for >> we do. all right, it's national cereal day. so if you haven't had your bowl of cheerios, we're going to >> with our food, okay. >> what is this? >> cheerios colada? >> of course some sort ofbeverage. >> well, that's the show. >> things don't look like
10:12 am
>> no, they're multicoloredos. >> they have fruity cheerios? >> oh, my god, try them. they do taste like fruit loops. loops. >> that is not true. >> oh, they're fruity cheerios. she looks like she's going to hit me. sort of scared. >> it's got white rum, pineapple juice. >> it's good for colds. i should drink this whole thing. >> anyway, jenna and i are going to share our favorite things. by the way, i want -- for a. my favorite thing is so off the chain and delicious, it's worth sticking around for. >> and find out which celebrities and which big movies
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and carolina in the morning, carolina. >> hi, girl, how are you? congratulations. you had the baby a little bit ago. you look beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> let's talk madonna because . she was in concert this weekend and she's in the middle, as we all know, a very public custody had to do with her son rocco. let's look at what happened on stage what she had to say. >> there is no lovean a mother for her son. if i talk about it, i but i would like to dedicate this song to you. it's a love song. he hears this somewhere
10:17 am
>> i didn't know she was thating. >> that's very open. >> very emotional, you know, rarely do we ever see madonna like this but she is in the middle of a custody dispute withmer husband over their 15-year-old son rocco. rocco was with her until december. he went on tour with her. that's when he left to go to ith his father. ever since then, it's just been a very tumultuous thing. they were just in court or they had a hearing last wednesday. where a judge expressed his that they couldn't come up with an agreement because rocco is the one who's being affected by this. until they can come up with a t, he's going to remain with his father. and they have another court date set tentatively for june but the hope here is they figure something out because their son is in the middle. >> don't you wonder -- i was wondering if you were rocco , what would you think. >> there's also been word that he doesn't really love the fact that his mother goes to social media a lot so i'm not q this was the right step. >> he probably wants some
10:18 am
>> my kimmel aby videos. it's not your typical baby video. let's see it. >> hi. >> hi-ya.s girl. >> daddy's girl. >> yeah. >> hi. hi. >> hi. >> oh, my gosh.crazy. what he did to the video. what did he do? >> this is bizarre. we always enjoy when celebrities pose videos of the babies. that face swap that everybody's using now. he posted it exactly on to her face and then he put it on his social media -- >> that is so bad. >> the resemblance is l have you know that his little daughter, she's adorable. she doesn't have the stubble that her dad ust shaved there. >> exactly. she's such a little cutie. >> is he going to host the emmys? >> yes, he is. it should be a great show.
10:19 am
okay, so kim and kylie, did they do one of those swaps too? >> they look almost exactly >> you can't even tell a difference. >> really. >> this is the best face swap ever. >> wait, which one's -- >> kylie's real face is on kim with the slicked back hair,right? >> but they look almost exactly. >> wait, kim is on the right? >> kim's face is on kylie's hair. >> exactly. >> i think they look like twin >> that's what everybody says. kylie always loved her older sister, wanted to look like her and now with face swap she can do it. >> married to jerry hall over the weekend. >> it looks like the fourth time is the charm. there they are. she wore a beautiful blue dress. married in london on the famed fleet street. all of their ten children were in attendance. his six from his former her four. there are two of her daughters. there's rupert murdoch and his sons.
10:20 am
so they all there's bianca jagger. >> of course she's there. >> mick jagger's ex. and also jerry hall is mick jagger's ex-asoh, too confusing. >> a lot of people there and they said it was just -- that rupert murdoch said he was the >> love at any age. >> take time off for the kids? >> get back into the workforce. >> if your phone is ringing, pick it e their limits. imagination... doesn't. with the right nourishment, patience, care... one day... have you seen your garden? it'll blossom. find low prices on the things that make easters. walmart welcome aboard my starship.
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oh, it's that time we love when we get to make one of our viewers very happy. we get to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll please. in lantana, texas. >> that's where our fan ashley, who watches us on kxas tv.ches us on skype. >> are you in school? >> yes, i am. i stepped out of the classroom so fingers crossed they're all >> oh, my gosh. we're going to tell everybody why you were chosen. you're a recent college grad who works as a substitute teacher. >> she watches the show every said it inspired her to be brave and take the leap of faith and move all the way from illinois to texas. >> one of her favorite memories is when she came to the plaza and played who knew with us. ashley loves ambush makeovers and she loves how much we drink. it's so sad. join in with her
10:24 am
>> okay, ashley, it's time to put your fan dom to the test with a trivia15 question seconds, one guess. are you ready? >> i think so, fingers crossed. >> this one's about jenna. she often talks about her twin named after their fame grandmother. is it laura, ethel or barbara? >> barbara. >> yes. what does she >> you won a fabulous resort vacation. you and a guest are going to head to sunny florida.eminole hard rock hotel and casino in tampa. >> as well as massages at the rock spa, round trip airfare is >> ashley, who's going to go with you, do you know? >> oh, my goodness, yes, my mom, she's my best friend. i'm so excited. she deserves it ashley, we love you. >> ashley, we love you and you kind of have a texas accent which i love, girl.
10:25 am
all right. coming up, we're going to have latches onto your finger so hard, it's like she's aveeno's oat formulayour aveeno . naturally beautiful babies. mmmmmmmm mmm mmm
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kay day monday. there isn't a woman out there who isn't self-conscious about some part of her body. >> you think your little too bootylicious. we're about to show you how to turn your so-called flaws into fashion assets. >> here with the styles to help you love your body is beauty and fashion editor and large. kalana. >> i'm good, how are you guys? >> we're not quite sure dress our bodies and if we start off with someone who let's say has ample bosoms.
10:31 am
i find it to be superchallenging because i actually suffer from this. but it's not really a suffer because i'm embracing my assets. it's all about, you know, right cuts and think when you have a bigger bust, what's complicated is finding the right tops that don't make you look top heavy. rules? >> i think you need to expose some skin. when you go for a higher neckline it kind of cuts you off and makes you look more top heavy so go with a bow neck, ascoop neck, a v-neck. >> you're talking about girls with what size cups? >> d cup. even c cup. >> c, d, e, >> h, i, j. >> all the way. >> she has a scoop neck top and that really shows off her skin but it's not too low cut where she's revealing too much. and waist. a pair of shorts are cinched and it brings her in and gives her that hour glass shape.
10:32 am
off the look and it kind of camouflages things. >> thanks, erica. how about the opposite if you're flat chested, you have a tiny let's bring out anna. >> the word bosom by the way. >> bosom is from the 1960s. >> that's a cute a halter top is really the way. it's really flattering because it shows a sexy amount of skin without requiring a lot of cleavage.nk when your boobs are tiny you can get away with a lot more. you can really do anything. >> you don't necessarily have to wear a bra, you do a bra, don't try to go for one that's padded, go for one that has more shape. >> what's great is she can have a backless bra. you don't need it. >> all right. thanks, so much. so now we got the booty. >> the big ch is -- by the way, a big booty is a great asset.
10:33 am
this but there areere trying to enhance so you have to show it off. when it comes natural, embrace see the natural. >> so she's wearing a pair of skinny jeans. a lot of women are intimidated by jeans because they gaphen you have a bigger booty. do a pair of skinny jeans that elongate your legs but also have stretch. if you have that gap, make sure belting jean so you bring it in. she has a top that's a little bit more fabric so you want to that waist. >> she has a tiny waist. >> so it's super flattering. >> curvy. we have ch working it. i want to be able to walk like that. >> christina, you look good. tell us what you've done there. >> i think for a woman who has a you want to have adjustability. you want to have a dress that is either a wrap dress that you can
10:34 am
you don't want anything to be too, too tight. again, you want to use the trench coat in the same way you blazer, polish the look and bring everything together. it's bright, she has confidence. it's not too tight and it's not >> she looks so good. >> we talk about cankles, what should we do with those? >> i don't like the word >> you just want to avoid the thick strap. it's going to draw attention to the cankle. >> she does not have a >> no. no, we're looking up there. >> all right, i got it. >> you don't want to draw attention to it and wear a heel with a thick strap. you want to do something matic so do a nude shoe. >> thank you so, so much. we really appreciate it. >> you look fab. >> did you take a break from your career maybe to raise some >> four strategies to help you
10:35 am
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i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops...ards. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there. s, we've been quietly selling kraft macaroni & cheese with no artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes. and guess what? kids didn't notice. gs. kraft mac & cheese. it's changed. but it hasn't. it is the decision to step away from the career to raise kids but it'sging sometimes. >> she's here to share their stories and offer advise for all of us. >> you're about to meet two women who left big jobs for their families and theygret the decision for a minute.
10:40 am
re-entering the workforce is tougher than they thought.e three children and i'm a single mom. i have a son in college and two girls in high school, freshman, twins. >> meet jane. jane spent decades successful career for herself in the fashion world but ten years ago she and her then husband made a joint decision for her to take a break from her job to raise the kids. >> i said, i'm going to take af time off. i just want to spend some time with my kids and play around and a recruiter said to me at the time, jane, be careful, youlways want to keep your toes in the water. >> laura had a slightly different path. after more than a decade in the world of out she was pregnant with twins, an exciting surprise. >> i stayed home for three years. and then i was offered ah johnson & johnson. i was with johnson & johnson for
10:41 am
and as my children grew, i realized is and less time with them. i was missing out on their lives. >> now that all of their kids are independent, jane and laura are hoping to relaunch their jane is working hard to establish a social media presence and create her own personal brand. >> i'm using linked in to really connect with people thatt talked to in a year or two years, three years, and just be able to figure out like where they are and is there artunity for me. >> while laura takes on short-term positions in the financial world to keep her skills sharp. >> i recently started taking consulting roles. i've done three different jobshe last couple of years. >> but one question remains, would they do it all differently. >> i don't regret leaving my i absolutely wish i had done was taken the advice of that recruiter, make that transition out and back in aore seamless. >> things change so rapidly
10:42 am
but in the end, it was worth it. picture so many women at home right now whatting that piece saying me too. a lot of women do want to get back into the re going to help us with some kind of practical steps, right. you say first up is reset your expectations. >> look, this is a little tough the council of economic advisers found if you've been out of work for a year, only 9% of people get a job within the first 6 to 12 months of imagine what it is for working moms. it's lower than that. so you have to understand, you are not going to re-enter at the level you exited at. you're going to have to steprds to step forwards. this is not great news. both laura and jane are at this place. they understand. they've had the interviews. the hiring managers knowas changed. you may have to take a few steps back. you'll accelerate once you get your foot in the door but step you say the second step is to fill all your deficits.
10:43 am
>> you have skill and knowledge unless you're the rare person who's kept abreast of all the changes in your field. companies change. >> and fast, right? >> because of have the three cs. classes, conversations and conferences. to online classes, offline classes. learn, fill thoseversations with people who are in the field now. come up to speed on the trends. there are conferences. you need to bring yourself up to speed so you can go in and say i'm engaged, i on in this world. >> you can do all this stuff before you go knock on the door again. you can say, i understand how this works. >> i happen to have taken a i got that might help you get the job, right? >> you're looking for something that shows you are not looking to come up to speed on their >> brand of you. >> the first thing an employer will do is google you. if you don't have a digital
10:44 am
twitter in a professional and engaged and active way, if you're not on linked in commenting on people's articles. if you have skilled where they started consulting. really they became the ceo of their own firm. they got some clients. they started doing work which fills that resume. you need to -- you look like you're not just stepping from your house into the work world, that you've done some stuff, you're digitally online, you're socially networked online. ng you had jane do, right? >> absolutely. everyone needs to do that. >> finally, tackle the elephant in the room. what is this listen, the hiring manager's looking at you and they're thinking, is she ready? does she know what she's about to get into? she's going to be juggling alt transition. is she going to regret it the minute we ask her to work late or take a trip? they can't really raise that issue but you can and you can say, know my family has carefully considered this transition. we're ready. i'm ready. i have the mechanisms in place to make it possible.
10:45 am
the price for me learning how tos smart. >> really smart. >> before it squashes you. suzy, awesome advice. the make cleaning a breeze. fortifying the gravity-defying... friend-connecting... day-seizing... strong... you. new special k nourish.n flakes with quinoa, apples, almonds and raspberries. new special k nourish. fortify.
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spring is about to sprout which means it's time to start spring cleaning. >> instead of loathing it, we'll have you loving it with the latest and greatest pro tested by the folks at "family circle" magazine. >> here with the top picks is senior editor danielle. hi, how are yohis kind of segment is one of our favorite segments on the show because everyone's kind of into it. >> we'll take care of spring cleaning for you guys. >> microwave. >> this is microwave miracle. you know how messy these things that looks like hoda's microwave. >> yes, it does.
10:51 am
heavy li the door, you use the heat. >> no, you don't. >> set it for 60 seconds. >> we'll come back and check on it. what's next? >> force of clean disinfecting. force the nature here ting. this is great. it's like having a science lab in your house. you're taking salt, vinegar and water. >> you make it yourself? >> you make it yourself. you spray it on. it justclean. >> is that like a cleaning supply? >> yes, it's a cleaning supply, all natural. >> you hold it and it's got like that. i like it. >> it's food safe for kids -- >> we love a sponge but this sponge has soap in it? >> soap built into it,radable cleanse sorry it saves space on the counter. you can see the lather building up right there. >> yes, clean it. >> take us to the floors. >> the floors, s great. the best way to clean without chemicals for your floors. we like this model because it's easy to maneuver, lightweight, quick and easy. is the piece de resistance. >> this is what i've been
10:52 am
anybody with kids or a dog. >> or jenna. >> my husband called me crummy i could have been like, really, crummy. >> this is actually a mattress vacuum, gets all the dust mites off. has a bunch of different attachment attachments. >> sucks it in? >> look at that. >> you can use it on hardwood >> anywhere. >> take it with you. >> hold on, drum roll, please. okay. still looks the same. yourself. >> it's coming right off. >> it is, it looks like it's coming right off. >> usually want to set it for about two minutes. >> it's still a little dirty butif we got in there, we could get it. >> this is the bleach you use on those really tough jobs but now it's in crystal form. so no more spills and >> wine? >> this is a great one. our testers went crazy for this. stain rx. it literally just lifts --
10:53 am
>> carpet,. these are the wipes for on the go. >> you could use this for your lunch later. >> thank you. >> and then right here, this ise new ironing. you heard it here first. what we like about this one, it's going to seem your dresses. it also has attachments so you can clean your grill, youranything. >> your grill? >> how much is that? >> i think it's about $99. >> we'll just have to quickly come here to the toilets. >> i don't like cleaning toilet but it is necessary. >> you can get under the lip there and dispose the pad. >> that's smart. >> what does this baby do? >> that is going to get all the tough it's a tub and, you know, shower scrub. >> and what's that guy? >> right there, we've got the opt optimus formulated by a mom. >> we'll be back.
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10:57 am
i've been waiting for this moment for so long. this is our favorite e ever been to new york and magnolia bakery, they have a new banana pudding. it's now chocolate banana pudding. >> i'm on a -- >> take a big by the. a bowl is $60 and a cup is >> i don't know anything about deals but i would say this is the better deal. >> isn't it so good? >> vanilla wafer. mine is like avocado mangosmoothie. it's vegen, good for you. i'm trying to be on a detox. you might join me in this detox, right, so we can both be in terrible moods.oconut water, coconut milk, avocado, plant protein. you can get these --
10:58 am
>> it's at >> also congratulations to our
10:59 am
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